Crime — 15 November 2013

An autopsy conducted on the body of a Guatemalan, Edgar Salazar, 28, of Fabers Road Extension, Belize City, who was stabbed to death after an altercation between his friends and another group of men that began near La Catracha Bar on Coney Drive, certified the cause of his death to be exsanguinations due to external bleeding from a renal vein injury as a result of a stab wound. The autopsy was conducted by Doctor Mario Estradabran, police coroner, at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) on Monday.

Police say that at about 1:10 Sunday morning, Edgar Salazar was socializing with some men near the La Catracha bar when a fight broke out on the street in front of the bar between Salazar’s group and another group of men.

Salazar and his friends reportedly ran to escape their attackers, but some of the men chased the group and caught him some distance away. One of the attackers, who was armed with a broken bottle, stabbed Salazar in the right lower back. He was rushed to the KHMH, where he was declared dead about fifteen minutes after his arrival.

Police launched an immediate investigation, and detained five men.

Nolberto Vasquez, co-owner of La Catracha Bar, came to Amandala today and reported that at about 1:00 that Sunday morning, a group of three men who were being unruly and causing problems in the Fusion Bar were escorted out of the club by the club’s security, and when they came out, they started a fight with some men who were socializing outside his bar on the verandah.

The fight began in front of the bar (La Catracha) on the road. The men who were put out of Fusion then chased the next group, who ran down the road, and one was caught some distance away, in front of HD Thompson Ltd., on a curve on Coney Drive.

Vasquez said that he did not know that a man had been stabbed to death until when the police came and told him about it about forty-five minutes later.

He clarified that Salazar’s death did not occur in or around La Catracha Bar. The fight began on the street in front of the bar, and the victim was stabbed and killed almost a half-mile away up the road, and the bar is not responsible for what happened.

Edgar Salazar is survived by his wife and a child, 5. His wife said that he was a hard worker, and provided well for them.

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