Crime — 15 November 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego

Jose Mario Portillo, of Progresso, Corozal, is recovering from gunshot wounds to his leg at the Orange Walk Hospital after he was shot by police during the execution of an arrest in Progresso village at about 5:40 yesterday evening.

He was rushed to the hospital, where he is receiving treatment. His condition has been declared as stable.

Constable Arzu (whose first name was not provided), the officer in charge of Progresso Police Station, reported that yesterday evening he responded to reports of an altercation at Javier Jones Store. He said that Vanessa Jones, a resident of the village, called the police because three persons, known to her as Dalio Sedacy, Jesse Sedacy and Jose Maria Portillo, who were under the influence of alcohol, had approached Roberto Pasos, 57, a cane farmer of Progresso who was at Javier Jones’ welding place, located at the same address of the store, and told him that they wanted to run their pickup over him.

Pasos was then punched on the cheek.

The officer, upon arrival on the scene, arrested and handcuffed Dalio Sedacy, and upon arresting the second man, Jesse Sedacy, a third person, Jose Maria Portillo, known as “Cheyo,” obstructed him.

The officer ordered Portillo to move away, but Portillo, he said, continued to advance towards him to attack him and try to take away his service revolver.

Constable Arzu reported that as a result, he took out his service revolver and fired a single shot, hitting Portillo in his left foot. Portillo was taken to the Orange Walk Hospital, where he is being treated for the injury.

Police now hold Arzu’s .38 revolver, which was loaded with (5) .38 Special live rounds and (1) expended shell, pending further investigation.

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