Crime — 29 October 2013 — by Rochelle Gillett – Flowers
Lloyd Elijio, 22, convicted of attempted murder of Mark Lord, 22

Sentencing has been deferred to November 4, 2013, for the 2009 crime

Lloyd Elijio, 22, is spending his first night at the Kolbe Foundation after being convicted of the October 25, 2009 attempted murder of Mark Lord, 22.

The trial started on October 21 and the Crown’s prosecutor, Sheneiza Smith, called Lord as its main witness. He testified that at 12:30 on the afternoon of October 25, 2009, he was followed by Elijio from the Swing Bridge, down Queen Street, New Road and into Hydes Lane.

According to Lord, although he was being followed by Elijio, he didn’t expect anything to happen, since he knew Elijio. But when he got in front of the DHL building on Hydes Lane, he saw Elijio pull out a gun from the left side of his pants waist and fire at him. A shot caught him in the left side of the chest.

Under cross-examination, Elijio desperately tried to convince Lord that he was mistaken when he told the court that it was he, Elijio, whom he had seen.

But Lord stuck to his story and insisted that he did see Elijio that day, and that he was the person who had shot him.

Elijio was unrepresented and at the end of the Crown’s case, Elijio elected to take the stand and give sworn testimony. He told the court that on that day he and his alibi witness, a friend, were at his grandmother’s house, smoking weed and “reasoning.”

But when his friend took the stand, he told the court that on the day in question he passed Elijio when he was leaving for work and at 11:30 again when Elijio went to his workplace, where they spoke for about 15 minutes before Elijio left. At the critical time, 12:30 that afternoon, however, Elijio’s friend told the court that Elijio had already left his workplace, so he could not say where Elijio was.

The nine-member jury retired at noon and at 3:13 p.m. they returned with a unanimous guilty verdict for the attempted murder charge.

Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez deferred sentencing for November 4, 2013, when he will hear mitigation pleas from Elijio and his character witnesses.

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