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Home Crime Marvin “Bamboo” Neal, 20, surrenders to police

Marvin “Bamboo” Neal, 20, surrenders to police

One of two men wanted by police for various offenses including murder, aggravated burglary, and handling stolen goods, and for whom an intense manhunt was being carried out, turned himself in to the San Ignacio police.

Marvin “ Bamboo “ Neal, 20, of Santa Elena, Cayo, went to the San Ignacio Police Station at about 11:30 a.m. on Friday, April 19, and turned himself in after being on the run for three days.

Police said that Neal and his accomplice, Jardo “Steel Bob” Lamb Arthurs, 25, of Santa Elena, were the two men who went into an establishment in San Ignacio at about 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 16, and not only stole an assortment of items from the business at gunpoint, but also tried to kill the owner of the resort by strangling her.

The duo are also wanted for, among other offences, a November 2012 robbery in Mango Creek.

The public is warned that Jarod “Steel Bob” Lamb, still at large, is to be considered armed and dangerous.

Police reports are that about 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16, the owner of the establishment, located between Miles 67 and 68 on the George Price Highway just outside of San Ignacio, was inside her business when two armed, masked men came in, pointed a gun at her and demanded money.

The woman told police, that without provocation, the men grabbed her by the neck and began to choke her, and she began to struggle with them. The men then tied her hands and feet, then stole a silver and black Samsung laptop (1), a grey “Blu” brand cell phone, some watches, some jewellery and an assortment of coins.

They then ran out of the business. However, as they were escaping, a man came up and saw them and immediately chased them while calling police on his cell phone. He said that he knew the two men, and that the men were just ahead of him, but the police did not come in time and they escaped.

Police said that when they went to the area, the residents cooperated and told them that they saw the thieves run towards the Shawville, Kontiki area, onto the Santiago Juan layout, then into the Trapiche area in Santa Elena Town.

According to police, at about 12:30 p.m., they went to a farm in the Trapaiche area and saw Marvin Neal and Jarod Lamb Arthurs sitting under a tree, sharing what had been stolen.

However, as police approached them, the thieves ran into the surrounding area. Police pursued them, but the thieves ran too fast, and they escaped.

The police did manage to recover the items stolen from the resort that the thieves left behind, however. The items were all identified by the resort owner as having been stolen by the thieves.

Police presently are interrogating Neal.

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