Crime — 06 September 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego

Two armed thieves were waiting for them in their yard

Two teachers of Orange Walk Town were chased and assaulted by two armed, masked men who were lay-waiting them in their yard, on Goff Caye Street, at about 7:30 Friday night.

The teachers told police that they drove into their yard, and as they were getting out of their vehicle, two masked men came out of the shadows of their house, pointed a gun at them and told them not to move, or they would be dead.

Muñoz said he quickly reacted and ran from his side of the vehicle, and his wife ran from the other side, but they both fell down in their rush to get away from the bandits. He said that when he fell down, the bandits caught him and began to beat him.

The robbers then stole his chain, valued at around $1,500, from around his neck.

His wife screamed for help, and the neighbors came to see what was happening, but the thieves ran away, escaping with the chain. Muñoz was taken to the Orange Walk Hospital, where he was treated for the injuries, and later released.

He said that besides the chain stolen from his neck, nothing else was stolen, but he thanks the quick response of the neighbors who reacted to the cry for help from his wife, which caused the bandits to run away without causing further injury.

The men were described as being of Creole descent. One was armed with a handgun and both of their faces were covered with white handkerchiefs.

The police have not yet found the thieves, and the chain has not been recovered.

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