Crime General — 02 December 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego
This thief “facey bad!”

BELIZE CITY–Police have detained a “facey” thief who burglarized the storeroom of a businessman and stole a number of electrical conduits, then went back to the business place of the owner and tried to sell him his own goods – twice.

Alvin Gillett, the owner of Supply Plus Distributor, in Belama, observed that the conduits the man was trying to sell him were similar to those that are sold by his business. He went to his storeroom in Buttonwood Bay, where he found that it had been burglarized and found that 14 rolls of his electrical conduits, valued at $50.00 per roll and totaling $700, had been stolen.

The businessman immediately alerted police, who began an immediate investigation which led to the detention of four men. Police said that the 14 rolls of conduits were found with them.

Gillett told police that on Thursday, he was approached by a man known to him for about five years, and who he knows to be an electrician.

The electrician offered to sell Gillett some electrical flex conduits, but Gillett did not buy any.

Then at about 10:00 Friday morning, the electrician again went to him and offered to sell him the conduits. This time, Gillett noticed that the conduits resembled the same conduits that he sells in his store.

Upon checking his warehouse in Buttonwood Bay, Gillett realized that the electrician had been trying to sell him his own stolen conduits.

At about 2:00 Friday afternoon, Gillett visited the Precinct Four police station and reported the incident. Police later detained the electrician and three other men.

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