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Home Crime “Big Tom” pleads guilty to uttering indecent words; claims police harassment

“Big Tom” pleads guilty to uttering indecent words; claims police harassment

Deportee, Kenneth “Big Tom” Flowers, 36, a laborer, pleaded guilty to uttering indecent words when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano.

Cayetano imposed a $300 fine for two counts of uttering indecent words after the court threw out a third, similar charge.

The Magistrate questioned why was it necessary for the police to level three charges of use of indecent words against Flowers, when the circumstances of the complaint appeared to be one incident.

Magistrate Cayetano then asked Flowers what he had to say before he passed sentence upon him.

“I am a hard-working man, but everywhere police see me, they search me. If the GSU sees [me] five, six times for the day, they will search me,” Flowers told the court, “I just let the anger get the best of me and cuss out the police.”

Cayetano fined him $150 plus $5 cost of court for the two charges. He has to pay the fine by May 31; if he defaults, he will have to serve two months in prison. The sentences are to run concurrently, Cayetano told him.

Court papers reveal that on Friday, February 14, around 8:55 p.m., police on mobile patrol spotted a brown Honda car on Mahogany Street.

The car did not have any license plates, and when police ordered the car to stop, one of the occupants, a fair-skinned man, later identified as Kenneth “Big Tom” Flowers, began cursing at Police Constable Alyson Rivers, who charged him with three counts of uttering indecent words to him, Rivers.

“F…k, unno lone search we,” Flowers told the officer.

“F…k, why you never search me when I mi de da the Chinese di buy boledo?,” Flowers allegedly went on to say.

Flowers reportedly continued, “F…k, I no gwine no way. I no wan get inna no vehicle.”

Flowers returned from Salt Lake City, Utah, last November, where he beat a murder rap, before he was deported back to Belize.

Upon his return, he told 7 News that he was a changed man and had even volunteered to assist the CYDP.

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