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Body of missing George Street man found decomposing in the pan of his truck

MILE 8 COMMUNITY, Belize District, Thurs. May 21, 2015–Denfield L. L. Bowen, 28, the father of 5 children of a George Street address, who was reported missing since Friday, May 1, exactly 3 weeks ago, was found dead in the pan of his pickup in a state of decomposition at about 2:30 this afternoon near Mile 8 on the George Price Highway.

Doctor Mario Estradabran will conduct an on-site autopsy tomorrow to certify the cause of Bowen’s death.

His wife reported him missing on May 1, but efforts to find him have been in vain. This afternoon, she was called to the area by his father, who told her that his vehicle had been seen in the area and they saw his body in the vehicle.

This afternoon her father-in-law was going to Manatee when a policeman who knows him told him that Bowen’s truck had been found. She said that she had not been given any other information.

She said that she is glad that he has been found, because they now have closure; they will bury him, and the children will now know that he will never come home again.

The grieving wife reported that throughout the ordeal, she was not assisted by police. They joined the search for him once, she said, and did not return to continue. She believed that that they did not take the situation seriously

She told KREM News that she last saw her husband at about 4:30 Thursday afternoon, April 30. They were in the store together when he made a call on his phone, after which he told her that he would return shortly. He went to his truck and looked at her, told the kids to come out of the truck, he got in, looked at her again, shook his head and drove away.

At about 7:00 that evening she became worried because he had not returned, since it was not like him to go for hours from the house. At about 9:00 that night, she began to call his phone, but got only voice mails, and could not reach him.

Shortly after, she was informed that there was a fire at the home of his friend, Brian Brown, in the Fabers Road Extension Area, where her husband should have been. She then checked with police, who told her that Brown was in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital, but when they went to the hospital, her husband was not there. He told her that he had not seen her husband, but she was sure that he had gone to his house

She then went to the police, Friday morning May 1, and reported him missing, and afterwards searches for him were begun by his friends and family members.

She said that they were expecting the worst, but was praying that he would not be found dead.

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