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Corozal police capture burglar red-handed

Police say they met the thief coming out of a lodge with the stolen items in his hand

One of two Corozal residents apprehended for burglary, Rosendo Guy, 23, of San Andres Village, has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison after he failed to meet bail of $3,000. His partner in crime, George Lima, 20, also of San Andres, was able to meet bail and was released from custody.

They were charged with the offenses of burglary and handling stolen goods. They were both ordered to return to the Corozal Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, November 28, to answer to the charges.

Corozal police said that Guy was captured red-handed with goods coming out of a building, while Lima was arrested and charged as a result of their investigation, and community reporting. The incident occurred about 10:30 Saturday night at Alpine Lodge on College Road in Corozal Town.

Police said that they were on mobile patrol in Corozal Town about 10:30 Saturday night when they were informed of a burglary in progress at the lodge. When they responded, they saw a man coming out of the lodge with a box. He was immediately stopped and police searched the box he was carrying.

The box was found to contain a hammer drill valued at $850, one electric cord valued at $30 and a hammer valued at $20. All stolen items were valued at a total of $900.

The man was identified as Rosendo Guy. He was immediately arrested and charged at the police station.

Further investigation led police to arrest George Lima in San Andres, and they were both held over the weekend and taken to the Corozal Magistrate’s Court on Monday, where they pleaded not guilty.

Police said that Rosendo Guy is no stranger to law enforcement. In June 2007, he was arrested and charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder, along with two other men, for the murder of Harry Duesbury, 81, also a resident of San Andres Village.

Duesbury was asleep in his bed when he was stabbed fifteen times in the chest, and his skull was beaten with a baseball bat.

However, in 2010, Guy and his partners were acquitted of the charges in the Supreme Court, when Justice Herbert Lord ruled that the caution statement obtained from the accused men was obtained forcefully and could not be admitted into evidence against them.

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