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Kaliningrad is Russia and Suwalki Corridor Gap

FeaturesKaliningrad is Russia and Suwalki Corridor Gap


Our dear readers of this column, permit me to present to you a little background on Chris Sanders. Mr. Chris Sanders is the CEO of The Gas Company. His regional drilling expertise is North America, specifically in North American natural gas basins. His father, legendary Wildcatter CW Sanders, defined the North West Permian Basin and the NW Fort Worth Basin. Together this father and son team had a legendary success ratio of 87.5% on over 250 wells at a time when Wildcatter wells were averaging 13 dry holes to 1 completion. CW Sanders’ efforts helped later define a region now known as the conglomerate. In 2006, Chris was recognized as one of the top Landmen in the United States, accumulating millions of acres, developing a zone below the conglomerate, now known as the Barnett Shale. Upon discovery, this accounted for 20% of the nation’s onshore natural gas supply. The following was published on his YouTube channel, the American News Network, on June 24, 2022. It is entitled, “Kaliningrad is Russia and Suwalki Corridor Gap Explained By Chris Sanders“:

Friends, family, thank you for joining me at the American News Network. Major news network online. Today is day 121 with the war in Ukraine. Instead of Ukraine, we’re going to talk about something else. We’re going to talk about major conflict that’s going on, and this major conflict is something that basically could make Russia strike us. And Putin’s outright said it. So what is Kaliningrad? And how important is it to Russia? Well, it’s way more important than Alaska is to the United States. And the reason why I say this is because from Kaliningrad they do trade with Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, everywhere. And it’s also Russia’s only warm water port year-round in the Baltic Sea. So, it’s very important to him strategically And he’s got a lot of control and a lot of naval ships here. Now, when did he get this? In April of 1945, actually, after World War II, And so, the Russians have had this and then, ever since then, they had it and with the decimation of the USSR. Lithuania, don’t forget, was the first state given in 1991 by Gorbachev. And Lithuania is a big contender here, because in between Lithuania and Poland right here is an area called the Suwalki Gap, and that’s what I’m talking about, the Suwalki Gap Corridor.

Now, how long is it? It’s actually 65 miles long. It’s got a lot of terrain. It’s basically plains and hills and it’s perfect strategically for tanks and so.  Putin’s a tank expert at this point, and he’s proven this, and he is full on out in Belarus. Belarus did war plans in case Lithuania or Poland got crafty with this. Now, I’m going to tell you how ridiculous this is. This is like Justin Trudeau saying that we can’t go to Alaska. That’s about how ridiculous this is. So, I mean, there is actually a border he could go in between, but Lithuania is straight on out saying that they’re abiding by the EU and they’re creating some issues. And there’re going to be major issues. So, just remember, right here, we have Lithuania, but Kaliningrad is actually the most western part of Russia, and then we have Belarus, okay? So, right through here, this is the Suwalki Gap—65 miles and right here, that’s why it’s important because then, go to Latvia, Estonia, Finland, everywhere, not just military wise but also in aid. And so that’s why this is very important to Putin.

And it’s so important that he was like, he made some pretty big threats at the same time. With the United States he introduced the Sarmat missile. And to the United Kingdom he was talking about the updates of the S-500. Now keep in mind he already has nuclear arsenal in Kaliningrad, Russia. And just like we have NATO and we have stuff in Latvia and Estonia, he has stuff in Kaliningrad. And this is all about the Lithuanian president with NATO now saying that he can’t basically train in stuff back and forth from mainland Russia into Kaliningrad. So tanks are getting lined up. He already did these joint drills with the commander of Belarus And the Baltic Sea is very important. Very important to Putin. He is not going to lose it. And so keep this in mind. This is a major front on day 121. And if you think this is just a NATO thing, no, you’re mistaken. Putin went out and talked to BRICS, and the alliance between Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Africa is very strong as with the Islamic Empire. And I just want all of us to know that. So these are things that are going on right now.

And let’s go and talk about what he announced with the S-500. So, with the S-500, this thing is way better than Iron Dome. Iron Dome was probably about an S-350. So, we had S-300, S-400. This is the S-500. The thing about the S-500, it can take down satellites. It can go about 100 miles into the sky. It can take down stealth bombers and Putin’s threat just the other day was he said, basically to Boris Johnson that he could wipe you out in the United Kingdom in 3 minutes. So, he said the S-500 Air Defense System is already being delivered to the Russian Armed Forces. Now, keep in mind, this is why the Kaliningrad thing is like very paramount, because this gives them even closer range with these S-500 missiles and what he’s doing; here he is: “There’s no doubt that we will be even stronger. Now, Russia is going through another series of tests.” So, this is important. I want you to remember. “There is no doubt that we’ll be even stronger now. Russia is going through another series of tests. We will all know how attentively the whole world and our country treat what is happening to the civilian sphere.” Um, he’s testing missiles, okay? And this one, he’s just testing out hardcore, and it’s scary because that’s what the Ukraine is—a testing ground. Yes, there are limitations. Yes, we can overcome in different ways, but they’re definitely overcome, and they will be overcome. He’s being very persistent as far as if you think about it, the caliber missile. All these missiles he’s been testing in ranges on the Ukraine and he’s had them with Syria. But he’s done more missile testing than any other country. And fact is, Caliber went faster than any other missile. And that’s scary. What’s even more scary is he was shooting stuff from Moscow to Kamchatka with Sarmat. But so there you go.

Right here, this right here is part of the S-500 system, and they can put nuclear warheads on these. They claim that these could take down stealth fighters in our level F-35s or F22 birds as well. This is probably their most advanced surface to air missile system, but it’s also a nuclear package where they can, like as he said, publicly, use this to destroy the United Kingdom, France, or any other country within 3 minutes. What we know about it so far is, it’s fast, and pretty much all the specs on everything have been half of what we’ve been given. So, if it says it’s gone 300 miles, these guys go 600 miles. Um, and that’s scary. Everything is better than the information that they released And that’s what I want you to know. So, that’s the S-500 system and he used that as his direct threat to Europe. But what is our threat here in the United States? And it’s a scary one. I’ll tell you that. They’re doing Prometheus everywhere. But Sarmat is coming out. Here we go. This one right here [clip shown] he’s pledged to have this ready in 120 days. Now, the difference between Sarmat and S-500 is, and I want everybody in the United States to know this—this is a direct threat to the United States of America, okay? This is the longest range; the fastest, most powerful. Now, Neptune and Poseidon were 200 megatons. And that’s a planet killer. That means each one of these is 250, 300, 400 megatons. The S-500 has now, that’s the one that’s threatening Europe. It’s capable of actually putting 15 more heads on to it. This one can have sixty-four. [Images shown] So, these are ICBMs and they’re going Mach 6. So much faster than anything we’ve seen before. They have a hydrogen plasma cloud that guides them. They’re very maneuverable in the air. Putin told graduates by the end of the year in 2022 and 120 days, that this is going to be all equipped. And it’s all going to be equipped for the United States. Again, the S-500 is aimed at Europe. This is aimed at us. Sarmat. So, Sarmat with Poseidon is what he is saying, he’s going to use against us…

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June 25, 2022

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