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MoneyGram thieves captured one week after heist

The men believed to be the thieves who robbed the MoneyGram Store in Orange Walk have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison, five days after they carried out the robbery. Police say that Martin Rigoberto Rosado, 21; Kevin Albert Flowers, 26; and Uriel Danilo Ramirez, 21, all of Orange Walk Town, are the culprits who carried out a robbery at 8:30 Monday morning, June 9, in which the store attendant at the MoneyGram Store on Otro Benque Road in Orange Walk Town, was held up at gunpoint by two men who escaped with $6,000 cash in a getaway car driven by a third man.

The men were charged with two counts of robbery and two counts of handling stolen goods on Friday by police, and yesterday, Monday, they were taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court, where they appeared before Magistrate Merlene Moody, who read the charge to them and remanded them until July 30, when they will be returned to court.

The store attendant, Adrelia Marin, 22, reported that two robbers with masks covering their faces entered the store. One of them pointed a gun at her head and demanded money.

While the armed robber held her hostage at gunpoint, the other thief went into the cash drawer and stole all the money that was in it, which was about $6,000. The robbers then ran out of the store and escaped in a getaway vehicle.

Orange Walk police began an intense investigation which led to the identification of the getaway car and the owner. The vehicle, which was seen by a mobile patrol in Orange Walk Town on Friday morning, was immediately intercepted.

Driving the vehicle at the time was Rigoberto Rosado of Riverside Street, and shortly after, police picked up Kevin Albert Flowers, a construction worker of Smith Sonia Street.

Later, Uriel Danilo Ramirez was arrested. They were held over the weekend and taken to court yesterday.

Police said that they recovered $900 of the $6,000 stolen from the store.

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