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Patrick Faber “escapes,” with police help

BELIZE CITY–A report made by a young woman who was throwing a party at the home of Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, against the Minister, has been withdrawn, according to police, who have now said that they have “no comment” about the matter at a press conference this afternoon at the Racoon Street Police Station.

The cordon of protection around the Minister was so tight that even Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez, refused to offer any information to the media. He even refused to provide a timeline between the time that the report was made to the Ladyville Police Station, and the time at which the complaint was actually withdrawn, which is standard information in a case of this kind.

Martinez would only say that “A report was made indeed, and it was subsequently withdrawn.”

When pressed about the substance of the report, Martinez reiterated that he could not comment on the report because it was withdrawn, and therefore “no longer exists.”

Earlier today, at a press conference on unrelated issues which was hosted at 7 o’clock this morning by the Ministry of Education, Faber was pressed about the allegations. While he acknowledged that a report had been made by the complainant, who, we understand, is employed at the Ministry of Education, Faber said that the details in the report were “inaccurate.”

Hon. Faber said: “A report was made and I believe that subsequently, that report has been withdrawn for the mere reason that the situation did not occur as it was reported, so there is no issue there any longer. The young lady is my friend, and we went through a little squabble, if you will, but nothing like as has been reported. I want for the record to say to people that I try to be an upstanding citizen. I am human and I have my personal life; I am a young man, not an old man. I am 36 years old, and while I understand fully that I am a public figure, I do have private activities in my life, and it is true that if a complaint is made, then it is the business of the public, but that complaint has been withdrawn, because I know the police do not have any issues with me. The young lady has no issue with me certainly, and in an effort to protect whatever friendship is there, I won’t say anything more than that is left in the balance, so that people have to be concerned.”

The background to the allegations is that the woman, 25, threw a birthday party at Faber’s home, located in the Lords Bank area. The woman reportedly alleged to police that “between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 3:00 a.m., while in Faber’s bedroom, he approached her and requested her cell phone.”

According to credible sources, the woman had told police that when she refused to give him her cellphone, things “got out of hand” for her.

The woman’s friend reportedly came into the room and tried to pacify Faber, but it didn’t work.

In her report, the woman had allegedly mentioned that she has known the Minister for the past 9 years, and that two of her friends were both present at the time of the incident.

For his part, Faber categorized the incident as a “smear tactic” carried out by a woman he referred to as a “crazy PUP”, who constantly attacks the credibility of UDP Ministers.

Still, reporters continued to grill Faber, who reiterated that the matter was settled amicably, and that the withdrawal of the report was by no means as a result of his intervention.

Eventually, he decided to abandon the interview after being cornered with a barrage of questions from media personnel who tried to get the truth about what exactly happened between the besieged Minister and his female employee.

The Minister insisted that he had a “private life,” that the matter was “withdrawn,” and that it was all the work of a “crazy PUP” who constantly attacks UDP Ministers and the UDP government.

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