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PM praises teachers

PoliticsPM praises teachers

The Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. John Briceno, expressed gratitude to the country’s teachers on his social media page.

By Charles Gladden

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. May 12, 2022

On Thursday, May 12, which is recognized as Teachers Day in Belize, educators throughout the country were being honored for their irreplaceable role in the shaping of the nation.  

This year’s Teachers Day was observed under the theme, “Dedicated to service, unified by passion, leading through difficult times,” and the Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. John Briceno, in recognition of such service and leadership, expressed his gratitude to teachers countrywide via a social media post.

“Parents may be a child’s first teacher, but once school years commence, teachers take on a multitasking role in the school setting. Teachers become parents, nurses, caregivers, counselors, friends, mentors… The role of a teacher can never be overstated. They provide the building blocks for young lives, professional lives, leaders, and builders of our society and nation,” stated Prime Minister Briceno in the post.

“…Today, we pause to say thank you… thank you for every hug you shared with a child, every busted knee you patched, [every] crying eye you dried, every meal or resource you provided from your own pockets, [and] every lesson you imparted.  Every child who experienced this is the better… the stronger for it,” the Prime Minister further said.

The Ministry of Education held an event at Old Belize today to help teachers celebrate the day, in attendance were Education minister Francis Fonseca and president of the Belize National Teachers Union, Elena Smith, both of whom gave remarks. In July of this year teachers are to received a reinstatement of their full salary after enduring a 10% cut. All schools are to revert to full in-class learning at the start of the new year.

We salute the nation’s teachers.

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