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UDP in-fighting continues

PoliticsUDP in-fighting continues

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Aug. 29, 2022

Despite an agreement among United Democratic Party members who attended a recent National Party Council meeting that they would desist from engaging in constant internal fighting and from being publicly critical of processes or persons within the party, new waves of attacks against the current party leadership are being spread on social media, after being published on the Facebook page of UDP stalwart Denton Belisle.

A most recent post made this morning stated, “Some leaders are obsessed with titles. Honourable This. Doctor That. LOO This. Party Leader that. Such leaders are narcissists who care only about themselves. Definitely not my cup of tea.”

These remarks, obviously aimed at current UDP leader Hon. Shyne Barrow, are just the most recent of a string of posts and comments that can be found on the social media platform, largely calling for the removal of Barrow from leadership and an upending of the current UDP hierarchy.

The chairman of the UDP, Michael Peyrefitte, has referred to the ongoing infighting within the UDP as “unfortunate” and has called for an end to the internal squabbles within the party. Just recently, the National Party Council met and an agreement was reached among those in attendance to stop the constant social media attacks against other members of the party and remove any critical social media posts that have already been published. Belisle, however, in defiance of that NPC stance, has chosen to continue an offensive against the current UDP leadership.

Denton Belisle, who is the father of former UDP Belmopan mayor Khalid Belisle, is a long-time UDP supporter and, by all indications, a supporter of Albert area representative Hon. Tracy Panton.

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