Crips vs Crips!

BELIZE CITY–Roger Anthony, the reputed leader of the Mayflower Street-based Ghost Town Crips, who renounced his gang leadership two weeks ago, is in police custody pending charges, the police press office reported today. According to a [...]

Minor traffic violation leads to alleged police beating and four charges

BELIZE CITY–A resident of the West Lake community at Mile 8 on the George Price Highway was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court late this evening on four charges stemming from a minor traffic violation. Typically, someone [...]

Exploding boiler kills Quality Poultry employee

SPANISH LOOKOUT–A resident of Santa Familia, Cayo District, succumbed to varying degrees of burns he received following an incident in which he was accidentally drenched with boiling water while working at a local chicken processing plant [...]

Hanna hits Honduras, will drench Belize

BELIZE CITY–The 8th named storm of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season made landfall south of Belize this afternoon, in Honduras, and while the storm does not pose a direct threat to Belize, it is expected to [...]

Guat passport offensive

BELIZE CITY–In April of last year there was much public outcry over revelations that Guatemala’s passport, which highlights the country on a Central America map, had a mere dotted line dividing that country and Belize at [...]

Legendary Garifuna parandero, Paul Nabor, passes at 86

PUNTA GORDA–Paul Nabor, the iconic Garifuna parandero who passed away in Punta Gorda early last night at the age of 86, from complications due to his third stroke, will receive a formal send-off, according to a [...]

5th stolen GOB Hilux intercepted, but driver escaped

BELMOPAN–If not for the efforts of employees and security personnel from the National Institute for Culture and History (NICH)’s Belmopan office today, the Government of Belize, through one of its statutory bodies, would have been out [...]

4 suspected Chik-V cases in Las Flores, Belmopan

BELMOPAN–The Ministry of Health has confirmed that they are investigating four possible cases of Chikungunya (Chik-V), a debilitating mosquito-borne disease which may appear to be dengue but which causes far more distressing pain. Those suspected Chik-V [...]

Belize-Guat soldiers to patrol volatile western border

PRICE BARRACKS–On Friday, October 10, diplomats and senior military personnel from Belize and Guatemala convened at a high level meeting of the Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission in Guatemala City to discuss national security matters with their counterparts [...]

Carpenter shot – slug lodged in the spine

SAN PEDRO–Ivan Aldana, 24, a carpenter of San Pedrito, San Pedro, is presently fighting for his life in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital’s intensive care unit, with a slug lodged in his spine after he was [...]